Cardiovascular training involves aerobic exercise that uses the large muscles, such as the legs and buttocks. This training makes one’s heart and lungs stronger, along with numerous other benefits. Cardiovascular training is an asset in many sports, but soccer in particular begs the participants to achieve superior cardiovascular endurance. Soccer players looking to increase their competitive edge go to Chicago Tri-Fitness for results. These athletes can expect to participate in running events as a form of cardiovascular training. However, there are many other exercises practiced which can make one achieve the benefits of this training. The exercises vary and are dependent on the individual athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.

To give the heart a proper workout and promote endurance, one needs to make sure that the cardiovascular training is executed with a certain amount of intensity. One way of measuring the amount of exertion while exercising is by monitoring the heart rate. Heart rate is the number of times one’s heart beats per minute. By knowing the heart rate, you can figure out your target heart rate zone, which is somewhere between 50-80% of your maximum heart rate.

Soccer players who work out at Chicago Tri-Fitness are advised to use the heart rate monitor to get the most accurate results. Chicago Tri-Fitness, which is one of Chicago’s premiere fitness and sports performance training companies, does not just offer cardiovascular training for competitive athletes. Anyone with a desire to improve their physical health is welcome to stop by and take a tour of the facilities. If you do decide to train at Chicago Tri-fitness you are in good hands with the owner and trainer, Ron Munvez. His 25 years of experience includes specialized training in strength and conditioning, a youth fitness specialist certification and an impressive coaching record. Ron is certain to advance anyone to the next level in their physical fitness regimen, and you can bet that cardiovascular training will play a large part in that.

Cardiovascular Training – Reap the Benefits

There are many health benefits of cardiovascular training, as well as a number of physiological benefits. Cardiovascular training for sports, running events or just better health can raise one’s metabolic rate. This, we all know, plays a significant role in weight loss. It can also lower blood pressure and burn calories quickly. The other benefit is that it decreases the risk of a heart attack. Some research suggests that walking just twenty minutes three times a week lowers the risk of heart disease and increases lung capacity.

With all the potential benefits offered, one may believe that expensive tools must be purchased in order to achieve great results. This is not true. It is not necessary to spend lots of money on exercise equipment. However, if you prefer using indoor equipment, Chicago Tri-Fitness offers a variety of equipment for all types of likes and dislikes. Training at Chicago Tri-Fitness does require a fee for use and personal training, but if the health benefits of cardiovascular training are put into consideration, it is worth every penny.