Exercise made Easy

Exercise made easy

I often hear from people that they don’t exercise because they don’t have equipment. 

Well, as long as you have your body, and a few things around the house, you have equipment.

You can get a full body workout with just your body, a chair and bath towel. Other things you can use around your house, an empty gallon milk jug, just fill it all the way with water and you have an 8-pound weight.  You can adjust the weight by the amount of water you put in it. What if you want it heavier, just fill it with sand or gravel.

When doing a workout, thing full body. I’m not talking about body parts such as arms, legs, bicep, triceps, but on body movement, our upper body, we push and pull. We can do this vertical or horizontal. Our lower body, we have knee dominant exercises and hip dominate.

Here are some examples:

Upper body push – a push up.

Upper body pull – a row (think, starting a lawn mover)

Lower body knee dominate – a squat

Lower body hip dominate – a glute bridge


Here is an a workout program you can do.  To make it harder or easier, just adjust the number of reps per exercise or add weight (your milk jugs).  You can also time yourself to see how quickly you can do the circuit. But remember more than anything else. FORM is the most important thing. Doing exercises without proper form can lead to injury. If you can not do all the reps in a row, break it into groups or 2. An example is 20 push-ups; break it into 2 groups of 10.


20 – body weight squats (put a chair slightly behind you and squat down so you butt touches the chair, putting it slightly behind you will help get your hips back to help your form)

20 – pushups(if you can’t do regular pushups, do wall pushes)

15 – Glute bridges

20- Rows (use 2 milk jugs, and pull them towards you. You can do this sitting down orin a ¼ squat position)

20 – walking lunges (optional, lunge with weight)

15 – hands close together push-ups.

10 – leg curls (lie flat on the floor with your feet on the towel, bring your hips up and slide your heals toward up, bending your knees, then extend out, pretty much sliding the towel back and forth.)

Do this 2 to 3 times and you will get a great workout.

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