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What impressed me most about Ron was his knowledge and passion toward fitness. Not only he explained how to do each exercise, but explains what muscle groups and functional movements we are working on and why. Since starting workout with Ron and Tri-Fitness, everything has improved, my strength, power, aerobic capacity, flexibility and my waist is 2 inches smaller. My lower back pain is gone and I can now pick up my one-year-old child without any pain in my back. Working with Ron has also greatly improved my core strength and functional movements. Most of all he makes working out FUN! I never worked out before I started with Ron and Tri-Fitness. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to get in shape and use a personal trainer.
— J. Rasso
I recently had the opportunity to work out with Ron Munvez at a Functional Moves class. It was exactly what my body needed to get out of my fitness plateau! The class incorporates everyday moves into a well-designed circuit. The class was challenging, but fun. I left feeling newly motivated and energized. Ron was upbeat and positive, taking the time to keep an eye on all class members to make sure everyone was getting the most out of the workout and not injuring themselves. Circuit training has never been this much fun! Ron is knowledgeable and has a sense of humor - a real bonus! He seems to love his work and does it so well.
— L. Sobirai
Ron worked with my 12-year-old son on speed and agility training and the results were outstanding, plus he is great working with kids. My son loved it and always looked forward to his training sessions. Last year my son had little or no speed when playing baseball. It seemed like his legs would move but he would get nowhere. After working with Ron on speed training, he really improved his speed. He is now stealing bases, has the speed to tag up on a fly ball, and now turns singles into doubles. If you are looking to improve our speed and agility, I would definitely recommend Ron at Tri-Fitness.
— B. Miller
I have worked out with many trainers in the past couple of years, but none of them better than Ron. I’m a baseball player and in my sophomore year in high school my fastball topped out at 84 mph. I was told by many coaches that if I wanted to increase my velocity I needed to go to the weight room more. So I got a trainer and I worked out with him for a little over a year and when I was done I couldn’t throw my fastball faster than 75 mph. I was desperate to find out the reason my fastball had dropped so much even though I had been working out so much recently. I realized that I was working out with a trainer who didn’t really know what he was doing. So I found Ron and decided to try another trainer out. After a month or two my fastball made its way all the way to 89 mph. I am in college now, playing baseball for Illinois Wesleyan University, but when I come back I’m planning on going back to Ron right when I get back. If you are looking for a quality trainer, especially if you play sports, Ron is the trainer you should go to.
— Mike Van Pelt